&Gallery Exhibition Award at OPEN ​SSA & VAS TOGETHER 2018

It is a pleasure to offer an award during this year’s OPEN Exhibition, with many fabulous artists to choose from I am delighted to give the exhibition prize to Annie Mulvey for her piece ‘An Elegy of a Sugar Coated Cist’

Annie is a recent graduate from Gray’s School of Art, her practice stems from our obsession with preserving history and memory. The work strains the boundaries of these obsessions while the use of repetition questions the clarity of memory and celebrates its natural imperfections. The works are made acknowledging all perceptions, using materials that have an association with these obsessions, bending the known and delivering something that is visually far removed from the original yet retains its message. This is how we remember.

Annie’s work will complement the existing programme of artists who exhibit in the gallery and look forward to working with her.