Artist Focus – Susan Laughton

From the 24th to the 30th of January 2020, Susan Laughton’s work will be on show in the gallery’s second room.

Susan’s paintings and drawings evolve from half-remembered glimpses seen from the corner of the eye, fleeting juxtapositions elusive to photography, the dislocated reverie of long car journeys, or from more studied compositions.

The landscape is Susan’s starting point, not as a picturesque or static view, but as a space travelled through and experienced often on the edges of the urban and the rural. It is a source of man made and natural structures, surfaces and colour from which her reductive personal responses develop. Man made structures in particular impose their presence: telegraph poles, fences, power lines, isolated buildings – structures that create tension within space and mark the passage of time and distance.

Process and materials are important to her as a way of allowing the paintings to emerge as objects in their own right. Structured and methodical approaches combined with spontaneous and intuitive reactions allow her to plan and take risks: to combine control with ‘let‘s see what happens if…’

We hosted an exhibition of Susan’s paintings back in June 2019 in the old gallery space. See the film below.