Elfyn Lewis, David Mankin and Anna Somerville, three artists from three different countries, create work that is influenced by their natural surroundings.
In their home countries of Wales, Cornwall and Scotland, they each develop a distinct painting practise concerned with a similar attraction to the textures and lights at play on the land and sea.
Their gestural response to the landscape and their interpretation of elements of the natural world conveys memories of places, ideas of flows and changes in the earth and water.

Join us for the opening of the show on Saturday the 7th of March from 2 to 4 pm and meet the 3 artists.

Elfyn Lewis is a Welsh artist who creates stunning abstract pieces using experimental painting techniques.
Elfyn Lewis surfaces are layered with paint that overflows, dripping. Congested, thick impasto paint has been pushed and forced to create a painting, which is also an object of desire. These paintings are layered time after time until the upper layer explodes and transforms from its volcanic creation into a vivid landscape. These are eruptions of colour and beauty intended to transfix the viewer.

David Mankin lives and works in the south west of Cornwall. His dynamic and vivid abstracted Cornish landscape paintings have been exhibited in London and Cornwall and he has shown in a number of London art fairs. His paintings are in numerous private and corporate art collections.
David’s abstract paintings not only draw inspiration from the dramatic Cornish coastline; the wild, empty moors; the big skies; but also the raw, physical elements of the landscape including the rocky outcrops; beach boulders; storm debris; winding farm tracks; surging seas and the ancient fields bordered with stone hedges. He enjoys getting out into the landscape and the elements that shape it – wind, sea, rain and man-made. These are the experiences that manifest themselves in his paintings.

Passionate about paint, mark making and colour, Anna Somerville works intuitively imagining expressive, painterly scapes that conjure up hazy memories of places that she has visited. Layers of thick impasto paint, fine detail glazes, scratched, worked back, scrubbed out and scribbled over canvas, linen and paper, she creates open expanses of space and light in her compositions, allowing the viewer to delve between the layers of paint and reflect on their own memories.

Somerville is an award winning graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and her work has been exhibited in many galleries both nationally and internationally. She works from her studio at Summerhall in Edinburgh where she very much enjoys the vibrancy of the building and its residents.