We can gaze in awe at a distant mountain, we can approach and climb its slopes. But we can also look into the mountain: under its boulders, into its fissures, through the glassy clarity of its rumbling burns. Susie’s paintings and artist books reveal the mountain in all its guises, as in Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain. Susie is such a fan of this slim masterpiece that her current ambitious project is the creation of a large, one-off, handwritten and illustrated copy of the book.

An unashamed Munro bagger, Susie has also climbed several of China’s sacred peaks and walks regularly in the Pyrenees. As a calligrapher and painter, she writes and paints on everything from walls and wood to canvases and tiny books, often but not always combining text and painting.

Susie’s interest in calligraphy and painting grew out of an editorial career in books on Chinese art and archaeology. A lengthy spell as a scribe on Donald Jackson’s Saint John’s Bible led to a flourishing of her own painting and calligraphic work. Born and educated in Glasgow, Susie has degrees from the University of St Andrews and the Courtauld Institute of Art. She has had several successful solo shows in Edinburgh, exhibits widely, and her work is held in a number of major collections.