Anke Roder

Zomerochtend op het Wad |
Encaustic and oils on board, 16 x 40 cm
| £1,650.00 | Enquire

ANKE RODER (1964) studied at the academies in Maastricht and ‘s-Hertogenbosch.  After workshops in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Heerewaarden rivers and Rotterdam and some foreign work periods, she has been working for several years now in Zandeweer, North Groningen.
Water and coastal areas have always had a major impact on her work. The openness of the flat polder land with the high skies and the reflections of the water give the light all the space. Characteristic of the landscape paintings is the existing horizon that determines the division into both color and material.
The air in encaustic (beeswax with pigment) is smooth and semi-transparent painted in many layers. Water or land has been abstracted into the essence in pasty oil painting. The contrast between these two types of materials brings about an experience of spatiality. The look can look far away in the air, but also the oil lines follow as the lines in a landscape. The objective paintings on wood represent light and color effects of a landscape environment, in which the color tone and the light reflections remind of meteorological observations.