Michelle Benoit

From the Seismic Cake & Sunshine Series: Wrapped (Orange) |
Mixed Media on lucite and appleply 5x5x3"
| £975.00 | Enquire

Michelle Benoit, a Rhode Island Based artist, is a graduate of Swain School of Design, Rhode Island College, and the School of Art and Art History. Her multifaceted education has formed her into a truly unique artist- one skilled at using different elements and objects, channeling light and darkness.

Materials frequently have their own history as they are frequently reclaimed and recycled. Compositions are composed in relation with the size of the fragments. Collected, cut, painted, stacked, mortared and coalesced. Memory transported through color is embedded in transparency, revealing process, light, interference, color and seam as image. Infrastructure is exposed. Memory is encased in complexion, saturation, and matter. The color combinations are coded and symbolic of the past, the present, place, and all that that might encompass. I think of the results as a contemporary geologic core sample, a very personal, yet collective landscape.”- Michelle Benoit