Sands |
Acrylic and collage on panel 18x24cm
| £400.00 | Enquire

Taking inspiration from ideas around modernity and escapism, Lisa Denyer’s practice looks at materiality and the transportive potential of paint. The work is influenced by traditional landscape art forms, notions of foreground and background, movement and structure. Form and colour are given careful consideration, often referencing every day observations. Spatial themes are explored and emphasised through wide scale compositional experimentation using collage.

Supports are handmade using wood, hardboard or plywood. These materials are selected for their textual qualities and their ability to withstand multiple layers of paint. The handling of paint and the interaction between the medium and the raw surface upon which it is applied is a primary consideration within Denyer’s practice, as she investigates the capacity that paintings have to be substantial, self contained, weighty objects in their own right.

Denyer’s visual language contrasts the architecturally inspired hard edges of geometric abstraction with spontaneous, energetic brush strokes. Her process is one that is open to diversion as she intuitively responds to inherent qualities of the medium and sets to work an interplay that allows the materiality of paint to direct her actions. The abstract nature of the work renders its symbolism open to interpretation, however the viewer is invited to consider broad themes of the organic, the artificial, transience and entropy.