Peach Gold Gumball Studs |
Silver, porcelain, gold plate
| £95.00 | Enquire

My background is in ceramics and I have recently shifted the focus of my practise towards art jewellery and sculptural wearables.

Drawing inspiration from the confectionery industry my collection aims to glamorise the simple pleasures in life. Having explored the rainbow spectrum of sweet treats from penny chews and lollies in luminous packaging, to cakes and pastries piled with cream, fruit and icing, I have distilled these treats down to their simplest forms, colours and compositions. A sickly sweet pastel colour palette derived from the sticky opacity of fruity chews, marshmallows and foams is achieved through a combination of stained porcelain and carefully matched gemstones. A wealth of form and pattern inspiration is drawn from mass produced pressed and cast forms not only of the product, but of the plastic casings that cocoon them. Nuggets of cast porcelain and oversized gemstones are wrapped up in silver bezel settings and arranged in a collaged pick ā€˜nā€™ mix of pleasurable extravagance. The formality of precious materials is removed to create wearables that drip with the desire of momentary self-indulgence and look good enough to eat. The concurrence of porcelain and silver with incongruous and dispensable, nature of the subject matter creates an ironic play of worth between what we desire and what we choose to indulge in.