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Partial View I |
Wraparound case with 7 monotypes, 22 x 9cm by Susie Wilson
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Susie Wilson trained as a printmaker and for the past twelve years the book form has been central to her work. The discipline of this form enables her to combine printmaking with three-dimensional structures and to use layers that can interplay one with another.

Susie’s work has a longstanding concern with narratives (sequential and accumulative) and with the self-documentary impulse. It has drawn on diverse external sources – historic, architectural and anatomical – and has frequently been informed by the particular medical challenges faced by her family. Her recent work looks at the fragility and strength of the human body – things hidden and revealed with traces left behind – transforming these ideas into small-scale objects of delicate complexity. Working on a small scale has been important, fostering an intimacy between the viewer and the work.