The process of painting for me is about constructing atmospheric spaces and responses where light and colour are layered and punctuated by motifs that allow the eye to travel in and around the painting. The physicality of paint, the variety of scale and surfaces, are all integral to the development of my work. This creative curiosity and the compulsion to make a mark provide a flexible framework which has developed into a very personal visual vocabulary and expressive dialect. This language composes itself in the way that a piece of music is gradually built up with melody and harmony. Colour expresses the dynamics of loud and soft, while rhythm and balance promote a sense of movement and pace.

The paintings on canvas and board discs, Perspex prints and stitchworks produced for Colour Flood express the larger, painterly gesture as well as the smaller more intimate and intense pieces. All of them focus on the vivid power of colour with expressive fluid washes and free flowing brush marks composed alongside gentle thread lines, graphic tonal blocks and tiny drawn marks revealing themselves only on closer examination.