Jai Llewellyn was born in London, 1977. He grew up in the multi-cultural borough of Camden where, from a young age, he was introduced to art. His father being a film maker, his mother a painter, his stepfather a celebrated photographer and his grandparents avid collectors of art. At the age of eleven he moved away from London to live in the desolate, flat and rural landscape of the Lincolnshire coast.

Experiencing both the architecture and ordered chaos of city life but also the solidarity of living in isolated areas of the English landscape has affected the way that Llewellyn works. Moving from one thing to another, working on many pieces at one time, approaching a work from a different perspective is something that is ingrained into his nature.

Jai Llewellyn‘s paintings and prints are about the process of mark making, the history of a line seen through an abstract picture of the future. Llewellyn works between painting and printmaking with no hierarchy, each discipline informs the other, both focusing on the relationships and juxtapositions of old and new, growth and decay, construction and deconstruction.

Llewellyn works intuitively and often begins by recycling or re-appropriating existing images – drawings, etchings and prints from old books – on which he layers his compositions with marks, lines, giving us, the viewer, a peek into the history of his process, the space to see the artist in action. As a result of the interaction between print and paint Llewellyn‘s work is a wonderfully graphic abstract expression that is both pensive and evocative.

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